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5 Steps To Constructing A Quality Conservatory  


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02/03/2018 11:02 pm  

If you are considering building a conservatory, then you should know that quality conservatories are easy to build. The best way to build a conservatory you will be happy with is to follow these 5 steps. They will help to ensure that you do not make mistakes that you may regret when your conservatory is completed.

1. Check if you need planning permission.

You may be able to build a conservatory without planning permission, but do not take the chance. A lot of people have made the expensive mistake of reckoning that the planning department will never know that they have built a conservatory and that if they do notice, they will not mind. Well they will notice (eventually) and they might mind deeply…to the point of making you take it down.

2. Decide which style, type and size conservatory you need.

It is best to be clear before you start what you need your conservatory for. Victorian conservatories, Edwardian conservatories and sunroom conservatories have different attributes that can make theml more advantageous for some uses than others. The size of conservatory you need may influence your decision as to the style of conservatory you settle on.

3. Research which materials you would like your conservatory to be constructed from.

Traditional conservatories are often constructed from timber and metal, but in more modern times uPVC has become popular. This is because it is relatively inexpensive and has excellent insulation qualities. There are plenty of options out there and you would be well advised to check out the alternatives. 

4. Get a supplier and installer that is reliable and trustworthy.

A good way to short list quality builders is to ask your neighbors who had conservatories built in the past. They would have used a builder unless they installed self build conservatories. Find out who they used and did they find them good. One name will probably rise to the top of the heap.


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