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Concrete Anchor Bolts Make It Stay  


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02/03/2018 10:56 pm  

Good design of concrete anchor bolt connections is an important part of making the project go well and getting the structure to stay in place and work well for years to come.
Anchoring with bolts requires some planning and choice as to how strong the connection needs to be and how much concrete is below where the bolt will be embedded. Bolts come in different sizes and lengths. If your project is subject to inspection by a governmental building department, normally a professional engineer will need to provide drawings and certify by seal and signature that your connections are correctly installed will be safe and meet the requirements of the building code. Check with city or county where the project is located to determine the need for engineered plans before construction.

Once the permit is issued and you are ready to set your concrete anchor bolts, it is very important to double check all dimensions to make sure the subsequent items you will be installing will fit. Complicated installations require the use of templates or strong wood framing that holds the bolts in place while concrete is being poured and remain where they need to be. Galvanizing is considered a safety precaution in areas where ocean salt spray is expected or where snow conditions require salt to be broadcast. Wind blowing against the pole or structure can cause stress on bolted connections that can cause rapid deterioration of steel and possible failure resulting in property damage or injury. Bolts used in typical residential foundation work that will hold the wall base plate down are not typically galvanized.

Washers and nuts are what holds your work together and should be installed with some precision and care. Place the washer where is makes full contact with the surface and is not tilted. To large of holes that are not drilled straight cause the nut to not tighten down correctly and can lead to the connection being loose and whatever it is holding to shake or sway. Make sure you know how to properly set anchor bolts before starting your project and you will avoid later problems that are often hard to correct.


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