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Plastic Ceiling Tiles can Add a Personal Touch  


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02/03/2018 10:15 pm  

Plastic ceiling tiles are a new solution for carrying out a decor style or theme throughout the room. The products are versatile, allowing for use of a few or several. They are fairly simple to install and come in many style patterns. You can select those with a more modern theme or with a more traditional pattern. The most common thicknesses are one eighth and one third inches.

These items can be placed in strategic areas, to add various depths and a bit of drama. They can be cut to fit a round pattern, such as around a particularly interesting or ornate lighting fixture. They do not have to be put up with nails or staples, like some wall products. They are simply attached with ceramic adhesive.
Polystyrene is the material used in making the 20 inch square products. They do have some insulating properties, especially if the one third inch product is chosen. The 24 square inch products are made of PVC. With such products, you can create nearly any look you want to achieve.

A plastic ceiling tile can be attached to drywall, plaster, wood, concrete or any other material. However, they cannot be attached directly to joists. They can be painted in any color desired, as long as acrylic or some other water based paint is used. Spray painting is not recommended, as the chemical propellants in spray paint can cause the items to bubble or melt. They have an added benefit of being fire retardant.

Whether you want a few feet of drama or want to cover the entire surface, there are plenty of products to choose from. You can find them in home improvement centers, building supply warehouses and in other places that carry building supplies. They are relatively inexpensive, around $4 to $6 for a single two foot square panel.


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