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Easy French Onion Soup  


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07/04/2018 2:30 am  

Another one of those great recipes that is fantastic to eat during the summer months or the winter months is French onion soup. There are plenty of French onion soup recipes that you can find either through the cookbooks that are available in your local library, through Amazon, or there are plenty of recipes on numerous sites spread out through the Internet. Onions are low in saturated fat, cholesterol, and sodium, as well as being high in dietary fiber, vitamins B6, vitamins C, manganese, and folate. Onion soup is a classic French dish which can be made as a vegetarian French onion soup, or as a meal with added beef or ham. French onion soup can be eaten as a main meal, as an appetizer or as a quick lunch. I’m going to show you a recipe for easy French onion soup in which you will slow cook the onions in order to make a fantastic foundation for this traditional French recipe.
First of all, the list of ingredients:
• 10 chopped onions
• 50 g of plain flour
• one tablespoon of tomato purée
• six tablespoons of butter
• a small amount of white wine
• 1 L of chicken stock
• four slices of toasted French bread
• 100 g of grated Gruyere cheese
• six tablespoons of butter

The first thing that you have to do with this recipe is to soften up the onions very slowly. This is achieved by melting the butter in a large saucepan over a low to medium heat. You need to stir the onions for about 30 minutes until they are very soft. Next, you need to add the flour, the wine, the chicken stock, and the tomato purée. Simmer for another 30 minutes. Then season to taste with freshly ground black pepper and salt. Now, this easy French onion soup recipe requires you to toast the French bread slices, and scatter the grated Gruyere cheese over the top. Place underneath a hot grill and cook until the cheese is bubbling and golden in color. You can serve this soup in one of the special French onion soup bowls that you can find in most good supermarkets. Place a small slice of cheese topped French bread into each bowl.

French onion soup is a great way of starting out a meal if you have guests coming over. The cheese top version above is a traditional French style although you can top it with a variety of different sweet or savory toppings for the perfect light snack.


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