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Useful Garden Tool Tips  


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24/02/2018 5:53 am  
  • Sharpen your lawn mower blade once a year. You can do this yourself with a grinder, or if you really prefer a workout, with a file. You can also take it into a shop, which is by far the easiest and safest solution.
  • If you have a gas lawn mower, change the oil at least once a year. Be sure to do this when the motor is cool.
  • Do lawn mower maintenance in the winter. Why? Well, if you break parts or find other parts that need replacing too, you can take your time while the lawn is not growing.
  • Sharpen your other tools too, such as shovels, hoe, hand spade etc. Plants can be damaged when pruned with dull blades.
  • Store tools away from water and away from young children.
  • Try painting the handles of your hand tools a bright color (not green or brown), so you can find them while you're gardening.
  • Paint or engrave your name or initials on all your tools to make them less attractive to thieves.
    If you're left handed, carefully check a tool before purchasing. Some tools are made with the right-hander in mind.
  • Buy good quality tools. They come with a guarantee and should last a lifetime.


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